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Sales and Business Development Training Courses

Sales and Business Development Training – Results Driven, High Impact, Fast Uptake

What sales results and key behaviour changes do you want to see after the sales and business training courses?

I hate the term ‘Sales and Business Development Training’, I use it because…Google tells me that’s what people search for, but the way I see it is…

You Don’t REALLY Want Sales and Business Development Training Do You?

Do you?

I don’t think you do.

I think what you want is:

  • More customers
  • Better customers
  • More profit
  • Higher turnover
  • Bigger market share
  • Easier more efficient ways to get good quality business
  • Simpler ways for your sales and marketing message to stand out from the competitors in your market space
  • A predictable system for generating good quality sales opportunities that close
  • Ways for filling your sales funnel with top quality leads
  • A sales pipeline that’s easy to manage so that it pumps out profitable sales on a regular basis…
  • Professional and motivated sales staff
  • A great order book so you can sleep at night
  • A high level of confidence and certainty about the future success of your business
  • Your competitors to all go away and play somewhere else
  • A name in your industry that’s synonymous with quality and integrity
  • Never to have to worry about sales results ever again!

So You See, You Don’t Need Sales and Business Development Training.

You probably need a very targeted and specific means to achieve some, or all, of the above.

Because, after all, if you could do all of that, well, you’d be happy wouldn’t you?

Really happy?

So, of course, some part of working out how to deliver those outputs for your business, for your sales leaders and for your sales team may involve spending some time in a room talking about how we tackle all these problems, but we might also spend sometime in the field, or sometime talking 1-2-1, we might spend some time watching tailored webinars, or even attending seminars where other sales people have the same problem.

Best solution.


And, if you’re well outside of your comfort zone with all of this and you really do want the conventional sales and business development training, if you prove to me that’s the only way it will work with you and your team, then I might work with you.

But there is another way.

A better way.

Instead of Sales and Business Development Training Courses?

What? Of course, tailor made for your business, the perfect Sales and Business Development Improvement Solution

I’d rather solve your sales problems and add on any skills development your team need along the way.

  • That way, you get a much higher ROI on your training budget.
  • Your sales team get immediate skills and techniques.
  • There need be no complex, expensive and time consuming roll out.
  • It’s typically faster, more cost effective and more deeply embedded in the culture and practices of your sales function
  • Easier to manage, monitor and motivate the team based on a working and proven solution

Why Sales and Business Development Training is Not the Only Solution

With a full bespoke wrap around sales improvement solution your changes of long term success are much higher.

Typically the changes, though manifold, can be so simple to implement that there is no major change or transformation program. This means you have a greater chance of succeeding, since the longer/bigger the required transformation the greater the chance of failure, and the higher the levels of stress.

Sales and business development training?

How about we rename it Sales and Business Development Problem Solving?

I just can’t call it that on this page else you’d never find me would you?

Now, to find out how I can solve your sales and business development problems, and not with a tired training agenda from the 1970’s, but instead with a plan that’s focused on speed and profit…just email or call using the details below

Call on 0779 002 1885, or email

Also you can check out the sales and business development blog – Morton Kyle Sales Improvement

Or download our free report – about how to blow, sorry, blast your competitors out of the water – hit the link to download your copy – Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow

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