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TurboCharged Sales Results

TurboCharged Sales Results

TurboCharged Sales is now available…

TurboCharged Sales Results.

Sales results can be anything from desperate to stratospheric.

I know which one I prefer. You too?

But for occasions when that doesn’t happen I need a sales tool kit that delivers boosted results fast.

Really fast.

TurboCharged fast!

That’s what the TurboCharged Sales Results program is all about.

It’s for ALL Target Carrying, Driven and Ambitious Sales People – Telesales, Field Sales, Direct Sales, New Business, Lead Generations, Appointment Setters and Account Developers, MD’s, CEO’s

It’s also for: Sales Trainers, Sales Auditors, Sales Coaches, Sales Performance Managers, Business Development Trainers…

In fact it’s for anyone who is either target carrying or supporting target carrying sales professionals.

How Does TurboCharged Sales Work?


Everyday for 21 days you get a step by step guide to building your sales pipeline, creating value based sales proposals and closing quality business.

It’s that simple.

Bite size sales training so you get to practice as you learn.

Just 15 minutes per day and you get, after 21 days, a fully functioning sales machine.

A sales pipeline that you can turn the tap on to flood your sales forecast, or moderate as you need to give you the quality and quantity of sales you want when you want.

The good news – this is the ultimate rinse and repeat sales program. When you’ve finished you sinply start the cycle again….

This time you’ll see how you can achieve more, achieving better sales results, more profitable sales figures easier, quicker and with less effort.

If you’ve been looking for a SYSTEMISED way to generate high quality, high margin and high value sales as often as you want…then welcome to TurboCharged Sales.

You can use TurboCharged Sales in many way – as a self study sales pack, just 15 minutes per day, if you’re a busy sales professional out in the field.

If you’re a sales leader, MD, team leader, sales coach, sales trainer – use this to run your sales training, your sales meetings, your sales coaching sessions. You can even embed this sales system in your business.

Simply put, if you are in a target carrying position or supporting such a function – this is a systemised sales improvement program that works.

Why TurboCharged Sales?

Couple of reasons:

1. Time really is money when you work in sales so sitting in a training room for a whole day(or three) is not always feasible

2. Not everyone learns by sitting in a room – some people need more time to digest, to try, to test and to modify the learning to work for them

3. Sales Trainers and Coaches often work without a framework for continuously improving sales…now they don’t have to worry when sales results hit a plateau, just unpack TurboCharged Sales and strive for the next sales peak

4. TurboCharged Sales also provides an endless supply of relevant information and practical skills insights for feeding daily sales huddles, sales meetings, sales booster sessions and coaching sessions

BUT the main reason is that continuous sales improvement is a cycle of consistently filling the sales pipeline, taking the sales procpect through a well defined sales process and closing the business. It’s not complicated, it’s not easy…but it is simple.

Most sales people fail because they lack a sales and business development system, or if they do that a system they lack faith in working it consistently.

TurboCharged Sales addresses all of those problems…and many more


TurboCharged Sales Results…Really?

Yes, really!

And in just 15 minutes per day.

For 21 days.

Here’s how:

  1. Create 60 mins plus extra selling time every day – that’s more than 20 revenue generating hours per month
  2. Discover the three most important insights to consider when you want to SMASH your sales target
  3. Master the art of making every minute count
  4. Uncover the simple system that means you’ll never need to make a cold call ever again
  5. Incorporate sales clout into your business generation efforts
  6. Build a perpetual motion referral engine
  7. Gain a healthy, highly qualified steam of sales prospects itching to move through your sales pipeline and convert to orders
  8. When you’re short on time, target and leads…find out what to do to get back on track
  9. Learn how to use price to your advantage…every time
  10. Discover the only 6 things you need to know in order to influence anyone, especially your prospects
  11. Master the art of running great prospect meetings where what you win is SO much bigger than just the order
  12. Develop a sales pipeline that feeds your target even if you take 2 weeks off for your holidays
  13. Boost your average order value using three simple techniques
  14. Double your sales conversion rate by asking one low key question
PLUS TurboCharged Sales will also show you how to….
  1. Kill your competition, legally and with their permission, and let your prospect know you’re the only provider who can deliver
  2. Get your leg out of the blind auction – never compete on price again
  3. Gain expert status with the prospects and customers
  4. Take the stress out of selling…FOREVER
  5. Build a rock solid sales pipeline, sales address book AND sales reputation
  6. Understand what sales metrics to watch and what sales metrics make you rich
  7. Have your prospects saying ‘well, this is a no-brainer, where do I sign?’
  8. Write business winning sales proposals that convert quickly
  9. Build certainty into your sale process, presentation and pitch
  10. Forget about getting around the gate keeper….sail straight through
  11. Uncover the single most important fact about sales targets and why you should ignore them

Here’s how you can get ahead – just hit the linkTELL ME MORE

TurboCharged Sales Results is a perfect program for you if you’re busy on the road, don’t have the time, money or inclination to sit in a room, and you want serious sales improvement over a relatively short time.

Check it out for yourself.

Full money back guarantee.

TurboCharged Sales Results – for when you want better sales results faster.